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From flower production to greenhouse: Rah-e Pouyan Jebhe Sabz

Rahpooyan Jebhe Sabz Company; Established in 2005 and after more than a decade of activity. With a registered capital of 32 billion rials and a production capacity of 250 hectares of mechanized greenhouses per year and benefiting from its factories in the provinces of Tehran and East Azerbaijan as the largest producer and exporter Greenhouse structures, supplies and equipment are known in Iran. The company uses production lines, obtaining representation and cooperation with the most famous European companies, as well as using the most prominent technical and engineering units in the greenhouse industry; Engages in activities such as consulting, design and implementation of greenhouses. The mechanized greenhouses made by RahPouyan Jabheh Sabz Company are designed in such a way that by creating an ideal environment in the greenhouse, it is possible to produce and harvest more products with the highest quality.

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In the name of creation of flowers

Iran Sabz Group Agricultural Complex was started in 2001 by Mr. Gholamhossein Khajeh Tabrizi in the area of ​​3,000 Tonekabon. Engineer Tabrizi and his children with great determination to achieve the great goals of production and job creation in the first step after a thorough research to produce a variety of varieties of blue spruce and cedar in the millions, ,which is considered an important step in the development of ornamental plants in the country.
After two years, in 2003, one of the sons (Hamid), with the support and following his father’s footsteps, established a greenhouse for apartment plants in the Abbasabad region. He is a pioneer in the production of seedlings of houseplants such as pine,Erica,palm,Chamadora, colored agglomerates and other new varieties of houseplants; which is important in the growth and development of this guild and meeting the requirements of inputs of more than 500 producers all over the country. Iran Sabz Agricultural Group, a producer of seedlings and houseplants, has set up a specialized laboratory with the aim of developing its services and products. In addition, this complex has production units of foreign trade, domestic trade, finance and accounting and research of the tissue-based knowledge code of tissue culture, which always serves and mechanizes the Iranian flower and plant guild along with five hundred production units in Iran. Undoubtedly, our partners and flower and plant producers in Iran, with our support and guidance, have paved the way for us to progress through the steps of providing more desirable services as quickly as possible. Today, we firmly inform everyone about the formation and management of the largest holding company for the construction and export of greenhouse facilities (Rahpooyan Jebheh Sabz Company) in West Asia, which is proud to record the largest foreign trade of our beloved Iran in 2009 with a currency of more than 30 million Euros to our beloved country.

Following the launch of the largest production unit and supply of agricultural inputs for ornamental plants in the country, we will sit on the server and we will not back down in achieving this goal, and we will be producers of flowers and ornamental plants together with each of you. Iran Sabz Agricultural Group Complex, the largest producer of agricultural inputs and seedlings of various houseplants located in Mazandaran province, Abbasabad city, is proud to host each of you, our dear supporters.